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Leading under challenging circumstances as an art and something that can be learned. We will dive into this topic and look at the key elements that will equip you to lead effectively now and in the future.

  • The positive habit of simply showing up
  • The incredible value of practicing Mindfulness
  • Enabling the conversations when it matters
  • Reaching out with empathy to remote teams

Facilitator Bio:

At ServiceGurus we believe – relentlessly – in the power of training to make a difference. To grow individuals; teams and companies. To unlock the potential of entrepreneurs; gamechangers; rainmakers; and pioneers. To be a catalyst for communities; sectors; and economies.

We know that training is personal. And learning,unique. That a combination of tools, platforms, content, media and skill-filled facilitation is needed to translate theory into practice; thinking into reality; and training into customer experience. This is why we invest – continuously – in our own development. Seeing our learning spaces from our learners' perspectives. Understanding their drivers; their challenges; what makes them curious; what inspires and motivates them; and ultimately what will help them to succeed.

We celebrate each room we walk into. And the remarkable futures it holds.

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  • Michelle Page (Partner at Service Gurus (Pty) Ltd)

    Michelle Page

    Partner at Service Gurus (Pty) Ltd



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