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LinkedIn is a great tool for businesses to boost their marketing efforts and make connections with clients.

In this webinar, we're going to cover how to create a LinkedIn marketing strategy in 5 steps and how to use your personal brand to leverage career opportunities.

Professionals can use this platform effectively to build brand awareness, by participating in industry networking and thought leadership, posting engaging content and staying connected with peers and clients to build relationships.

Since the platform is a professional social network, the relevance on this platform is all about career development, professional connections, industry discussions and other business-related activities.

You can find customers, employees and partners on LinkedIn and because of this your LinkedIn marketing requires a different approach.

LinkedIn marketing key take aways:

  • Optimise your current page
  • Optimise posts by curating content
  • Create a content plan for LinkedIn
  • Creative content ideas for LinkedIn
  • Measuring the metrics
  • Templates for a content strategy, content plan and a formula calculating social media ROI

More on our facilitator:

Buhle Lindwa is the CEO of Lindwa Communications, a multiple award-winning digital marketing agency that provides local and international businesses with digital marketing services. The agency helps businesses build an online presence and maintain visibility with strategic digital marketing.

Please join us for an educational webinar.

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  • Buhle Lindwa (CEO and Content Strategist of Lindwa Communications)

    Buhle Lindwa

    CEO and Content Strategist of Lindwa Communications


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