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By attending this fresh, innovative One Day Workshop you will learn how to differentiate your company from the competition.

Studies show that the seemingly small mistakes made by sales consultants and representatives trigger an "alarm" in customers who then become irrational and defensive. They will therefore not risk buying into you, your products or services.

This Brain-Savvy Programme shares new insights on how the customers is motivated. You will be empowered to influence sales decisions in a manner that authentically builds trust. High trust selling leads to sustainable relationships and profitability.

You have a unique opportunity within your industry to transition into partnering and promoting solutions consultatively, based on a new mind-set, knowledge and skills.

Improve sales outcomes through practising simple tools and techniques:

  • Grab customer interest an attention, appealing to their social brain.
  • Understand the process to positive sales outcomes.
  • Develop an approach to convert difficult but important clients.
  • Build courage and confidence through overcoming nervousness and fear of rejection.
  • Elicit customer needs using a simple conversation tool.
  • Present solutions using a brain-friendly partnering approach.
  • Reduce reservations and deal with barriers using your social intelligence.
  • Accelerate the sales process by focusing on specific decision-making drivers.


  • Lynn Andries (Symbiota Leadership Development (Pty) Ltd)

    Lynn Andries

    Symbiota Leadership Development (Pty) Ltd



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Member Price R 750

Your tax invoice will be sent to you within 24 hours

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