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Difficult discussions are discussions where the stakes are high and emotions are inflamed.

We have them in the workplace and we have them in our private lives.

For many of us, one of the following three things happens when we find ourselves in a difficult discussion:

  • we fight (i.e. get into conflict)
  • we flee (i.e. disengage)
  • we freeze (i.e. passively submit)

None of these is a good response to a difficult conversation.

In fact, if we value the relationship with the person we're having a discussion with, and we value the outcome from the discussion, we should do everything possible to stay connected and in dialogue.

This is not easy, but this webinar will teach you how.

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  • Michael Walker (Founder/Trainer of Language Boss Training and Consulting)

    Michael Walker

    Founder/Trainer of Language Boss Training and Consulting


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