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Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) showcases the trend of South Africans becoming global citizens by nature, being more mobile in a worldwide economy.

Between 2006 and 2016, 94 760 South Africans have emigrated. In 2018, 900 000 people born in South Africa were living abroad for one year or longer. This begs the question - how does South Africa treat these global citizens from a tax perspective?

It is clear that different tax requirements apply to South African tax residents, non-tax residents, South Africans employed by foreign companies in South Africa or South African companies employing foreign employees in a foreign country.

There are so many variables and different sources of income and employment that it certainly needs to be unpacked, especially with the 2021/2022 tax season in sight, when the amendment to the Income Tax Act that forms part of the Taxation Laws Amendment Bill of 2017, will be fully enacted.

Join us for this very informative session in which we will not only unpack the Expat taxes, but also discuss various other forms of foreign employment and/or working abroad.

Content Discussed:

  • Working in South Africa, for a foreign company
  • Working abroad, for a South African company
  • Working on a rig – for a foreign company
  • Working on a rig – for a South African company
  • Working on a cruise ship – foreign ship
  • Working on a cruise ship – South African ship
  • South African company – employing foreign staff that work in foreign countries
  • Foreign company – employing South African staff that work in South Africa
  • Financial Emigration vs changing your tax residency status.
  • CGT – deemed disposal Section 9H – review

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