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Any leader worth their salt is asking how to support their team members. After all, these are hard times and leaders must consider how they sustain both people and performance moving forward.

Your success as a leader will depend on your resilience, empathy, transparency, connectedness and balance.


What is Resilience?

  • Model the way
  • Take care of yourself
  • Stay in the loop
  • Strategies to reduce vulnerability & susceptibility to stress
  • Why is resilience so important?
  • Ways to building resilience at work


  • Demonstrate empathy to foster greater commitment
  • Stay in touch
  • Ask questions
  • Empower people
  • Provide psychological safety


  • Be as open as possible
  • Embrace uncertainty
  • Make it emergent
  • Remind people things will be imperfect
  • Connectedness
  • Stay connected
  • Encourage team connection


• Share a balanced message

• Create a sense of safety while acknowledging the situation is volatile and chaotic

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  • Lionel Bourgeois (Vetta Internationale)

    Lionel Bourgeois

    Vetta Internationale


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