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"Mental toughness is the ability to bring to life whatever skills and talents you have-on demand. That may come down to an ability to fight sleepiness, or to stay relaxed and calm or to not surrender your spirit when the odds are against you." James Loehr

On completion of this course, you will acquire:

  • Practical tips to develop Mental Toughness.
  • Tools to develop self-awareness.
  • Mental Toughness Toolbox.


  • What is "Mental Toughness, Training" and why the need?
  • Why do we get traumatised by anxious situations?
  • How do we handle it, what tools are needed?
  • Emotional Intelligence (the basis of mental toughness).
  • Emotional self-awareness.
  • Difference between emotion and mood.
  • My story (memory and emotions).
  • Self-esteem / self-actualisation /self-assertion.
  • Interpersonal relationships (empathy/boundaries).
  • Blind spots and reality testing.
  • Mental toughness techniques.
  • Improve your flexibility.
  • Spotting stress triggers.
  • ABC of emotions.
  • Practical assessments.
  • Happiness / Resilience / Grit.
  • Strategies for all three.




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