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Today's organisations have to meet ever-increasing demands and expectations. In order to do this, businesses have to ensure that their administrative support team is professional, flexible, proactive and confident in its role.

This practical webinar aims to motivate participants to understand the impact of their work, understand the bigger picture and make a positive & cooperative difference to both internal and external customers.

Learning Gains:

  • Understanding the expectations of this position
  • Importance of collaborating as a team player
  • Multi-tasking and developing office systems and structures
  • Attitude and self-motivation
  • Being part of the solution not the problem
  • Communication skills: Telephone, email correspondence, personal presentation
  • Filing and general office administration
  • Dealing with conflict and problem solving
  • Basic stock control
  • General business etiquette
  • Meeting and serving customers internal & external


Introducing the Role

  • Understanding the role, function and importance of the office support team
  • Importance of taking initiative and being pro-active
  • Positively promote the company through personal, verbal and written presentation
  • Positive attitude towards self and the position
  • General office etiquette and the importance of teamwork
  • Dealing with criticism, distractions, office politics and gossip

Procedural Office Work

  • Implement office systems and structures
  • Accurate and timeous filling – hard copy and/or electronic
  • Managing petty cash, ordering and receiving stock
  • Stock control and working with couriers
  • Working according to company standards
  • Managing and processing various company documentation
  • Managing time and prioritising work
  • Efficient problem solver and solution thinker
  • Understanding the basic principles of business
  • Telephone techniques and procedures
  • Tips and skill in email communication
  • General office safety and security

Communication and Customer Service Skills

  • Developing good relations with both internal and external customers
  • Understanding client and company expectations
  • Active listening and the importance of feedback
  • Handling customer complaints positively and constructively

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  • Lionel Bourgeois (Vetta Internationale)

    Lionel Bourgeois

    Vetta Internationale



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