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Did you know that up to 90% of your customers LIVE, WORK and SHOP within 10 minutes of your business? This concept was often used within a Franchise Business Model and was perfected by successful brands like Mcdonalds, Wal – Mart, KFC and Nandos.

Today's consumers are looking for convenience, efficiency and savings. Due to COVID19, we have found that more and more consumers are wanting to support nearby local businesses in their neighborhood. However the only way a business can survive and get support from customers is if they are aware that you exist.

As a business owner now is not the time to restrict or hold back, it is a time to revive your marketing, expand and grow.

This webinar will help you as a business owner to become more aware of your local market and how you can grow your business effectively amongst consumers within the 10 – minute market range.

In this session you will learn the following:

  • How to map out your 10 - minute market for your business
  • Guided principles when creating your local marketing strategy
  • 10 – minute Marketing tactics
  • How to apply the 10 minute market to Facebook and Instagram

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  • Rucien Petersen (Founder of Spottmedia (Pty) Ltd)

    Rucien Petersen

    Founder of Spottmedia (Pty) Ltd



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