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This interactive webinar offers a practical look at issues that can either hinder or assist productivity and provides a range of tools for immediate application in the workplace.

It is designed to prepare and equip participants to maximise personal productivity within the organisation with a strong focus on time management, efficiency, assertiveness and stress reduction.

Take Away

  • Obstacles preventing maximum personal productivity
  • The components of productivity and their interdependencies
  • Busy vs productive work
  • Prioritization
  • The importance of proper planning
  • The benefits of an effective and pro-active approach to personal productivity
  • Time management techniques to improve productivity
  • Time management principles
  • Crisis management
  • Pro-active vs reactive approach
  • Anticipation and prevention
  • Time management linked to assertive behaviour

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  • Lionel Bourgeois (Vetta Internationale)

    Lionel Bourgeois

    Vetta Internationale


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