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This webinar aims to improve participants' business-writing skills in general and their email effectiveness in particular. Through seven focus areas, participants will learn how to construct and write emails that will be opened, read and responded to. Two principles of modern business writing form the foundation of this course:

  • write with the reader in mind
  • write in plain language

Who is the course for?

This course is aimed at all working individuals who write emails during their working day. This may sound like a broad audience, but consider this:

  • In Tony Wagner's book - The Global Achievement Gap (2008), he identifies seven skills that we need to master in order to thrive in the 21st Century workplace. One of these skills is effective written communication.
  • A study done by the McKinsey Global Institute found that we spend a third of our time at work dealing with email. The only thing that takes up more time is "role specific tasks" – in other words, doing our job. But at least this we have been trained for. How many people have been trained to write an effective email?

So, this course teaches a 21st Century survival skill!

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  • Michael Walker (Founder/Trainer of Language Boss Training and Consulting)

    Michael Walker

    Founder/Trainer of Language Boss Training and Consulting


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